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Exercise 101: A Basic Guide On Building Healthy Gym Habits

Regular exercise is among the best things you can do for your health. You can start seeing and feeling the benefits of consistent exercise within 3 to 6 months.

However, although this sounds so encouraging, many people struggle to incorporate exercise into their routines. Many people sign up for a monthly gym membership in Singapore but fail to maintain after just a couple of months.

Indeed, starting a regular workout plan takes plenty of determination, and sticking to it for a long time requires dedication and discipline.

If you have long wanted to exercise but do not know where to begin, you are on the right page. Below is a foolproof guide on building healthy gym habits and sticking to a practical workout routine that allows you to utilise our personal training facilities.

1. Have a physical exam and assess your fitness level

Before starting a workout plan, and the first recommendation is to undergo a physical medical examination, whether this is with a doctor, a qualified personal trainer, or a physiotherapist. This is to ensure that you do not have any health conditions or problems that could put you at risk of an injury during your workout sessions.

A physical exam can also help you optimise your exercise and assist your trainer in creating a workout plan that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Aside from a physical exam, you should also go through a fitness assessment to determine and record your baseline fitness scores, providing you with benchmarks against which to measure your future progress. This will further refine your flexibility, body composition, and aerobic and muscular fitness, among others.

At our facilities, we support this through the provision of an InBody composition analyser, which can generate all the data you need to keep a track of your progress.

2. Create a plan and set realistic goals

Once you have already decided to exercise regularly, one of the most important things you should first do is create a fitness plan that includes achievable steps and goals.

One great way to do this is to begin with a plan of simple and easy steps to follow. Then, you can continue building on your plan as your fitness level enhances.

For instance, if your objective is to complete an 8-kilometre run, you can begin by establishing a fitness plan that includes shorter runs. Once you can finish those short runs, gradually increase your distance until you can finally run the entire 8 kilometres in one session.

Starting with small attainable goals will improve your chances of success in the long run.

3. Constantly monitor your progress

Many people who subscribe to gym membership plans in Singapore easily give up after a month or two because they fail to see progress in their fitness level. It is either because they are not making any progress, or they are just too impatient to wait for good results.

Generally, improving one’s fitness level takes time. It does not happen overnight, but you can always notice progress if you are consistent and patient.

To maintain your motivation as you go through your workout plan, monitor your progress and celebrate even the little ones. It is advisable to retake your fitness assessment at least 4 weeks after you begin your fitness plan. Then, take the test again every couple of months.

Constantly monitoring your progress will help you determine whether your fitness program is working and will keep you motivated to exercise more.

4. Find a good personal trainer to help you

While you can develop a fitness plan and train on your own, nothing beats the effectiveness of hiring a personal trainer to help you improve your fitness level. There are plenty of benefits that come with engaging with private personal training in Singapore.

For one, it will help you ensure you are doing proper exercises, targeting the right muscles, and setting realistic long-term goals.

Working with a personal trainer can also keep you accountable for your new fitness plan. A good personal trainer will constantly remind you to do your workouts properly and eat a well-balanced diet.

With a personal trainer's support and guidance, you can develop healthy gym habits and achieve your fitness goals more efficiently.


Starting a new fitness plan or exercise routine is challenging. However, being aware of your fitness level, having realistic goals, checking your progress, and working with a personal trainer can all help you maintain a fitness program that keeps you motivated and inspired for a long time. These are the steps you should take to develop consistent healthy gym habits.

For the best and most reliable personal training facilities in Singapore, Platinum Fitness is the gym you can trust. We are a 24-hour premium gym in Singapore that offers world-class workout equipment at centralised training facilities, and exceptional personal trainers for all your fitness needs.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to our monthly gym membership to begin your fitness journey.

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