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As with any type of health or life goal, it is crucial to surround yourself with positive anchors and supporters. Our network of freelance personal trainers can help you reach your goals, change habits, and live a healthier lifestyle. Creating a healthy community of freelance trainers is a key goal for us. Centralising your services across all our locations helps you save time and money, while optimizing your time to create an ideal work-life balance. We offer a variety of packages from 10 to 200 hours, with rates running as low as $18 per hour! No other gym in Singapore can match our range and pricing scheme for freelancer packages. No hidden costs. No new client referral fees. Unlimited access to all of our facilities at no additional cost, helping you to serve your customers across Central Singapore. Tap into our elite service support team to help you manage your schedules and training, all while enjoying the same perks and benefits as a full-time Platinum Fitness member. State-of-the-art Facilities We pride ourselves in our dedication to service and client comfort. We are fully committed in our strategy to provide you with the best private training environment for you and your clients in Singapore. Our fitness centres are standardised with top-tier equipment to ensure that you maintain the quality of your services to your clients. Our team is here to support you to our best capabilities.