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Kickstart Specialised Group Class Journeys

Platinum Fitness works with a number of Independent Personal Trainers to offer a variety of additional experiences.

We're proud to work with groups that specialise in offering Boxing, Rebounding, and Kids-Focused classes. Find out more below!

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Boxing & Trampoline Classes

Xcaliber Fight Club

The class comprises Shadow Boxing, Punches & Knees, with 8-12 rounds of combinations with added body weight training.

Schedule: Every Saturday, 10am & 11am

Requirements: Boxing wraps (purchasable)

Audience: All level friendly!


High Intensity, Low Impact!

Rebounding is a movement and music coordinated class, making it fun for all ages.


Schedule: Every Sunday, 10am & 11am

Requirements: Grip socks (purchasable)

Audience: All level friendly!

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