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4 Effective Workouts and Exercises To Help Lose Weight

Slimming down is easier said than done. Losing weight does not happen overnight, and there is no magic pill. Instead, you need to put in considerable effort if you want to shed some kilos off. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. This involves eating a well-balanced diet and having a regular workout routine.

However, working out does not just require effort but also knowledge. There is no point in exercising in a premium gym in Singapore every day if your workout routine is not designed to deliver the results you want to see.

If your primary objective is to slim down, this article is ideal for you. Here are 5 of the most effective exercises to help you lose weight faster.

1. Push-Ups

Push-ups are probably one of the most popular exercises for those who wish to slim down. This is not surprising, considering that push-ups are highly effective at burning calories by engaging almost all the core component muscle groups of your body.

When doing push-ups, you will work your abs, back, chest, shoulders, and triceps, all while enhancing the strength of your upper body.

To do a push-up, get into a plank position. Your body needs to be in a straight line from head to heels or knees, and your hands should be shoulder width apart. To top it off, you should balance on your toes or knees depending on your initial strength capacity to weight bear.

Bend your arms and lower your body to the floor slowly while maintaining the straightness of your neck. Go all the way down until your chest almost touches the floor. Lastly, push yourself back up to the full plank position.

If you are starting off, it is recommended to support your body with the knees first. With your knees down, you're pushing off with less of your body weight. Once you are able to pull off the knee push-ups, you can upgrade to plank-position push-ups, where you have to support more weight with your hands.

2. Squats

Like push-ups, squats are considered a multi-joint exercise that works nearly all muscles in your lower body, including your hips, thighs, calves, and glutes. Aside from this, squats are a regular movement you probably do throughout the day, so incorporating them into your workout routine will likely add some functionality to your exercises.

To do a squat:

1. Stand with your toes facing straight ahead and your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart.

2. Slowly bend your knees and squat by pushing your hips back behind you while squeezing your abs to maintain the straightness of your torso.

3. Be sure not to let your knees collapse inward. They should keep tracking over your second and third toes as you lower your body into a squat position.

For an added challenge, you can visit the gym to use the squat racks. In most cases, it means putting the weighted bars on your back while doing squats.

3. Lunges

Lunges are similar to squats, since they also work almost every muscle in your legs, such as your hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes. They can help tone your hips and thighs since they are a lower body unilateral exercise. Moreover, lunges are essential for strengthening your muscles and preventing injury.

To perform a lunge:

1. Begin by being in a standing position.

2. Step your one leg forward or backward and lower your body.

3. Keep the front and back of your knees at 90-degree angles.

4. Step your one leg back up to a standing position and repeat the movement on the other leg.

Do this exercise twice or thrice weekly for 12 to 16 reps to achieve optimal results.

4. Plank

Plank is another popular exercise highly recommended for those who want to get rid of fat, especially belly fat. It is an isolation movement often used in yoga and Pilates and works primarily on your arms, back, legs, and deep core. It also mainly targets your internal abdominal muscles.

To do a proper plank:

1. Lie face down on your yoga mat. Your elbows should rest on the floor next to your chest.

2. Slowly lift your body off the floor, and let it rest on your hands or elbows.

3. Keep your body straight-lined from head to toe and squeeze your abs.

4. Hold the position for 30 seconds to one minute.

5. Repeat as many times as possible.

If you want to take this further, you can go for a side plank, where you turn to your side and only use one arm to support your entire body. Side planks can help with working the deep spinal muscle groups, which can stabilise quadratus lumborum muscle. This will reduce the risk of getting back injuries.


Losing weight indeed requires a lot of effort. However, besides action, you should also know what exercises are suitable and how to do them properly if you want to burn calories effectively.

Push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks are some of the top-tier exercises you should have in your workout regimen should you want quicker yet long-term strengthening results.

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