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Best Post-Workout Recovery Tips You Should Start Following

After an intense or strenuous workout, your first instinct may be to lie down straight away and relax your entire body. Though that may feel relieving in the moment, it is not necessarily the best way to recover from the muscle aches you feel throughout your body.

Recovering correctly after a workout is crucial. It helps repair your sore muscles and replenish your body with the needed nutrients and calories depleted. Physical recovery also enhances mental recovery which, in turn, assists with muscle relaxation and stress relief. Here are some helpful tips to maximise your recovery.

1. Hydrate with healthy fluids

Drinking water is essential after a workout, especially after losing fluids from profusely sweating. Rehydrating yourself will allow your body to build its strength, improve flexibility, and alleviate sore muscles.

While water is a great way to quench your thirst, you can also drink beverages that contain electrolytes which mitigate muscle cramping post-workout. You should ensure that these beverages are healthy and an excellent addition to your diet.

Some great fluids to drink include unflavoured coconut water, sports drinks with low sugar, and green tea. These drinks contain electrolytes such as potassium, manganese, and sodium - which are all great replenishers after your gym session.

2. Eat a snack with good carbs and proteins

Besides drinking well, you should also be eating well after exercising. Depending on your workout goals, the amount of each nutrient you require may vary, but a good start would be to include some carbohydrates and protein.

Carbohydrates aid in restoring your glycogen levels which play a role in re-energising your body, while protein provides amino acids to support muscle repairing and rebuilding.

It is recommended to have your post-workout snack within 45 minutes of your exercise session to sustain a faster recovery period. With sufficient carbs and protein in your next post-workout snack, you will be able to feel more energised and well-rested.

3. Take a cold shower at the right time

Cold showers help reduce inflammation and ease the tension in your muscles, which is much needed after strenuous activity.

However, it may be best to hold off on jumping into the shower immediately after working out as it may cause your muscles to stiffen unnecessarily. Giving yourself around 20 minutes post-workout allows your body time to lower its core temperature and steady your heartbeat.

When you are ready for that cooling shower, it is also recommended to start your shower with lukewarm water and gradually lower the temperature so as to avoid unwanted muscle spasms.


Enabling your body to recover well after a tiring workout session makes your gym and private personal training sessions more productive and worthwhile. It will also help you feel stronger and achieve the favourable results you are aiming for.

With the help of our tips, you can achieve a fulfilling workout session and feel motivated to keep working towards your goals. Be it by drinking the proper fluids, eating the right foods, or something as simple as showering at the right time; the most important thing is that you get the rest that you need in between sessions.

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