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Simple Stretches That Helps Loosen Up Muscles Before Workout

If you frequent the gym, then you have probably already heard this advice multiple times: never skip the warm-up stretch before you do your workout.

Although it can sometimes be tempting to jump right into your workout routine, skipping the stretches can injure you, as muscles and tendons that are not stretched properly before and after exercise are more susceptible to injury.

Stretching warms your muscles, and muscles that are warmed up tend to be more pliable. Hence, if you have a monthly gym membership in Singapore, you should always incorporate warm-up stretches as the first step of your workout routine.

Here are some of the simplest but most effective stretches that help loosen up your muscles before exercising.

1. Quad stretch

The quad stretch is one of the most spontaneous stretches you can do before your workout. It is a lower body movement that causes the expansion and contraction of the muscles at the front of your thigh.

To stretch your quad, all you need to do is put both your feet on the ground. Then, while balancing on one foot, get your other foot and pull it towards your buttocks. When doing this stretch, ensure your leg is bent at the knee.

2. Hamstring stretch

Tight hamstrings are usually responsible for lower back pain. Therefore, stretching these muscles before and after exercise is crucial, as it can prevent back pain.

To stretch your hamstrings, stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, and slowly try to touch your toes with your hands reaching down. Your knees must be bent for this movement. Reach as far as you can, and as you reach down past your knees, you should start feeling your hamstrings being stretched.

3. Shoulder stretch

The shoulder stretch is one of the most critical stretches you should do before an intense workout, as it can help reduce stress and tension in your shoulders and enhance the circulation of your shoulder joint and muscles. The cross-body shoulder stretch is among the most popular and common variety.

You should stand up straight or sit down to do so. Extend one of your arms out and over across your body’s opposite side. Using your other arm, get the extended arm above and below your elbow and pull it closer to your chest.

4. Arm stretch

Arm stretches should be integral to your workout routine, especially before and after your upper body exercises. The primary purpose of arm stretches is to increase your arms' flexibility and range of motion.

One of the most vital muscles you should target is your biceps, with the wall stretch being one of the more effective arm stretches.

To perform the bicep wall stretch, place one of your hands against a wall and gradually turn away from it. You hand does not necessarily need to be continuously flushed against the wall.

Slowly, you will start feeling a pull in your biceps. To target various areas of your bicep, adjust your hand’s placement to a lower or higher position on the wall.

5. Back stretch

When exercising, it is essential to always keep an eye out for your back. This is because a sore or pain in your back can cause your whole body to immobilise. Your back is the connector to the rest of your body. It is practically paramount to do so.

One of the most straightforward back stretches you can try is the cat-cow stretch. Here is how you can perform it:

1. Grab a mat and have your hands and knees in a table pose with a neutral spine.

2. Look up and invert your spine, all while pushing your stomach toward the ground.

3. Have your chin tucked in and your back toward the ceiling.

4. Slowly swing back and forth between these two motions while you inhale and exhale.


Stretching matters if you want your post-workout to be free from discomfort and pain. Many athletes and personal trainers agree that stretching is integral to your gym time.

To minimise the risk of injury, doing the warm-up stretches enumerated in this article is highly advised, as they can loosen up your muscles and enhance your range of motion.

If you want to further improve on how you perform your exercises, you should consider seeking the help and guidance of an expert personal trainer.

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